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PB Surf Shop’s Worst Kept Secret

Meet the Dogs of PB Surf Shop


It’s no secret; we at the shop LOVE DOGS! Also, dogs love us – or so we hear. 


On any given day something like “this is (insert adorable dog name)’s favorite place to stop” are commonly uttered by dog walkers as an enthusiastic pup wiggles its way through the doors of the shop. Without fail, this entrance will be met with giddy salutations from a chorus of surfers; each with their own unique (but similar) style of talking to dogs. Of course, pets, cuddles, and treats ensue, and usually a nice conversation with the human to which they are tethered. It’s bliss is what it is, sheer bliss – for all involved parties! 


Now that everyone’s caught up, let’s wrap our heads around the age old question – Why so much love between the folks at PB Surf Shop and dogs? Do we just love cuddling an affectionate ball of fur? OR is there a correlation between the healing effects of surfing and those of dogs???  


I don’t know. The answer is probably both, but who cares. All I know is that day-to-day, the only thing that rivals cuddling a shop-pup is getting lucky enough to score some solid waves during a surf break. That said, it’s pretty cool that we get to do both of those things throughout the workday. Okay, seeing someone’s face lit up because of what they accomplished during a surf lesson is pretty cool too, so add that to the list of cool things we do during the workday. Anyhow, back to dogs.


We like to think that it’s our stoke for dogs that gives off a certain energy, making us a dog-magnet. Apparently, this creates a permanent aura around the shop because I’ve heard that even when we are closed, dogs will pull their owners up onto the deck. Yes, I’m aware that could mean there’s a dead racoon under the deck, but we don’t accept that. AND, just to be sure, I checked the other day because I was genuinely curious – and yeah… no racoon. 


While we’re talking about dogs here, I’d like to make a quick shout out to some of our most frequent visitors that have inserted themselves into the PB Surf Shop family. 


Sandy is our most frequent visitor because she lives right next to the shop. So, on many days we are lucky enough to get two Sandy visits. Sandy gives lots of love and tiny kisses and will be your BFF if you give good butt-pets. She takes cute to a whole new level (and then some) when she walks in donning her shark costume or something else from her diverse ensemble. 

Not to be outdone in tininess or cuteness is Queso. Queso stops by the shop at least once a day and spreads joy to all customers and employees. Because of their common size (and common love for the shop, of course) Queso and Sandy became quick friends in a partnership that’s aww-inspiring enough to write a Pixar movie. Keep an eye out for Tiny Dogs PB in theaters and on Disney+ Summer 2024.

Deuce inspires us all with his free-will and independence. He is the only one of our frequent visitors who is not attached to a human with a rope. Deuce has no bounds! Which is why he’ll break out of his yard and come chill at the shop for hours at a time, boosting shop morale with his adorable bully face and cuddly/calm temperament. Then moseys off, you know… when he feels like it.

Every once in a while the howl of a wolf will resonate through the shop, but it’s not a wolf. It’s the gorgeous Petula screaming “I want pets and treats!” She will cease howling once she is given pets and treats, but one must only make eye contact with her if they want to hear more howls.

Decker loves getting treats at the shop so much that his human actually provides treats for us to make his pup and other pups happy! Our pets per day (PPD) increases exponentially because of this gesture, so we’re all for it.

At PB Surf Shop, all dogs are family! But some dogs are actually family. Some employee dogs will also pop in from time to time. Most notably Chad’s bulldog Swayze who loves people but HATES brooms. Dylan’s dog Duke, who is a “forever puppy.” And of course, Randy’s Lab Sophie who is an actual puppy and in the featured photo in front of the shop.

Some lucky employees (me) even acquired their beloved fur baby through the shop. Yes, I’m going to end the much anticipated dog blog with a feature on my cuddle buddy Poppy.  When an adorable five week old pup showed up on the deck looking for a home one cloudy spring day, I could not resist. Now, everyone at the shop has been lucky enough to watch little Poppy grow up to a 55 LB ball of energy that loves to give hugs and kisses.  

If you didn’t already know, WE LOVE DOGS! So get that pup down here and introduce him/her to their new best friends!

This entry was written by PB Surf Shop’s own Chris Kiely. Check back soon for more posts by Chris and other folks!

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