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Surfing Is a Series Business

Getting more than a Surf Lesson and expanding into well rounded Surf Education with a discounted 3, 6, or 9 Lesson series / Surf Coaching Program.

$260.00 Private Gold: 3 Lessons

$475.00 Private Platinum: 6 Lessons

$600.00 Private Diamond: 9 Lesson (Video coaching Session Incl.)


In the last 10 years I have seen the sport of surfing grow faster than ever before. Here in San Diego, up and down the coast, we are seeing more and more people hit  the water with each year that goes by. And why wouldn’t they? After all, Surf in San Diego is abundant and amazing for all kinds of surfers, all year around. 

San Diego Surf Culture runs rich and deep, but with more and more people crowding the lineups, it becomes super important to give yourself the opportunity to get the best Surf Education for the times, and in this way pay the respect that the sport of Surfing, and those that have been practicing it for centuries deserve.


Surfing is for sure about having fun, but for many, it goes beyond just fun and games and begins to enter a realm of an everyday way of living and connecting to yourself and to nature. For many, surfing is their ritual, their Zen, and their escape from the many stresses of life.

If you have ever observed an experienced and connected surfer, you may have noticed the natural confidence and flow they show from the moment they grab their board to enter the water, paddle out and surf through a spectacular seemingly choreographed dance on a couple of the day’s set waves, to then walk out of the water with an almost floaty and aloof smile on their faces. 

Their sessions are often seamless. 

They know what the conditions will be like, have the most appropriate board or quiver of boards to ride for that particular day, they catch waves and enjoy them, they flow perfectly in and out of the lineup without getting in the way of other surfers or without getting too pounded by the breaking waves…

They make something that is really hard seem fairly easy; and if they are really good and connected, they make it seem like Art.

Now let’s be clear, it takes time and years of practice to achieve this level of Surfing, but if this is what you aspire to achieve, there is no better place to start than with a solid base of Surf Education.

Learning to Surf or becoming a better surfer requires the guidance and application of many theoretical as well as practical aspects that can only be thoroughly taught through adequate time and experience spent in and out of the water.

At Pacific Beach Surf Shop we have the Oldest Surf Shop and Original Most trusted Surf School in San Diego. Our Surf School and Surf Shop deck rests right against the sea wall of South Pacific Beach and overlooks the ocean conditions all day every day.  All of our instructors are intermediate and advanced Surfers with a passion for Surfing and teaching, and Our Surf School curriculum teaches you everything you might want to know and learn in regards to Surfing.


As we celebrate our 60-year anniversary this October, we are offering 10% off our 3 series lessons, 15% off 6 series lessons, and 20% off our 9 series of lessons. All our series of lesson packages will have a photographer capturing your best waves. In addition, with the purchase of a 9 series package, we include a video coaching session in which we will video your waves and have our advanced instructor analyze these together with you to coach you on what you can do better technique-wise, and in relation to what the wave is doing. Watching yourself on video together with a knowledgeable instructor is proven to be one of the fastest and most effective ways to advance your surfing. 


Beginner Surfers learn: Ocean safety, Basic Surf Skills, Take off and Timing, Surf Etiquette, and Equipment.

Intermediate and Advanced Surfers Learn: Longboard or Shortboard Maneuvering, Turns and Tricks, Technique and Style,

Duck Diving, Turtle Rolls, Paddle Out Techniques, Terminology, Surf Forecasting, Ding Repair, etc.

Lastly, as part of the full surf education experience:

Here at the shop we have one of the nicest and most diverse premium surfboard rental quivers in all of San Diego. From high performance Rusty and T. Patterson shortboards, funky Linden, Hank Warner and Sea Brother midlength eggs, twinzers and fishes, to Donald Takayama Logs and Long Boards, all our boards are shaped by local legends.

As you advance in your lesson series, you will get the chance to try many of our Rental board selections.

So what are you waiting for? Hit our link below and sign up to become a better, more knowledgeable and stoked surfer.


This entry was written by PB Surf Shop’s own Aura Boulton. Check back soon for more posts by Aura and other folks!

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