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Every year, as the days get longer and the countdown to the last day of school begins, parents wrap their heads around the age-old question, “How do I keep my kids active and happy this summer?” For us at the shop it seems obvious; if you live in beautiful San Diego, you should be taking advantage of the miles of coastline the city has to offer.  Some people live their entire life here soaking in the beautiful weather without catching a single wave, which just boggles my mind.  If this sounds like you, it’s time to end this irresponsible trend and sign the little ones up for a summer surf camp! Even if this doesn’t sound like you and you’re an avid surfer… sign those groms up for surf camp at PB Surf Shop and get them ready to rip with you!


There are endless reasons a summer surf camp can be the perfect way for a kid to spend a part of their summer, but attending camp here at PB Surf Shop is a bit different because when a camper fully embraces their experience, they become a lifetime member of the PBSS family. That’s saying a lot considering PB Surf Shop is the oldest surf shop in San Diego. Having the honor of that distinction means we’ve got to live up to our reputation, so our camp game is dialed. You can rest assured that you won’t just be sending your child to a glorified babysitter at the beach. They will be fully immersed in ocean safety, the surfer’s code, and most importantly, they’ll be having fun and surfing.


One thing we’ve implemented as part of our camp that keeps campers and parents stoked is the “Pacific Beach Surf School Journal” each camper is given. Believe me folks, it’s not your typical color by number and connects the dots – these workbooks include everything you need to know as a surfer and much (much) more. The camp journal was constructed by a local surf scholar and author – the legendary Glenn Hening. That said, the campers don’t only finish with extensive surfing and water safety knowledge; they’ll return home as junior oceanographers and surf historians who can tell their parents the best places to surf in San Diego and why.  Like us, Hening understands that educating the future of surfing is how the older generations can make sure our oceans are protected for generations to come.


Well, what are you waiting for? Surf camp runs through August and our instructors are stoking to get those kids shredding. Get down to PB Surf Shop for an unforgettable surf camp experience!

All PB Surf Shop instructors are certified Water Safety Specialists; as well as seasoned watermen and waterwomen with experience teaching surfers of all ages!

Talk about citing scholarly sources! The Pacific Beach Surf School journal is constructed by local surf-author and ambassador, Glenn Hening.

The journal is packed with useful info for any surfer! It also features activities where campers can write down their surfing goals and reflect on their experience.

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