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San Diego Surf Lessons

The Most Trusted Surf School offers a safe, fun, and memorable San Diego Surf Lesson experience for all. We have been in business for more than 55 years. Each year we teach more than 3,500 men, women, boys, and girls, how to surf. Our friendly staff and experienced instructors are knowledgeable watermen and women with a talent for teaching. All our instructors maintain the highest safety certifications available.

Learning to surf is so much more than standing up. Surfing requires the knowledge of which wave to ride and how to do it safely. Working one on one with an instructor and receiving undivided attention assures the best experience possible. Available for beginner-intermediate surfers, whether you want to stand up for the first time, catch waves on your own, or learn different maneuvers. Now is the time to cross surfing off your bucket list so sign up today for your San Diego Surf Lesson.

A 16% San Diego Concesionarres fee is added to each lesson

A Series Of Lessons

Surfboard & Wetsuit

Red Cross & First Aid Certification

Age Restriction

Duration of Surf Lesson

Number of Surf Lesson

Surf Lesson Available

Private Gold Lessons:

3 Lessons


Age 5+ and Above

90 Minutes

90 Minutes


9AM - 4PM

Private Platinum Lessons:

6 Lessons


Age 5+ and Above

90 Minutes

90 Minutes 


9AM - 4PM

Private Diamond Lessons:

9 Lessons


Age 5+ and Above

90 Minutes

9o Minu


9AM - 4PM

Best Time To Take A Surf Lesson

Almost anytime is a great time to surf. You will surf slow rolling white water so you donโ€™t have to be a good swimmer. Our friendly staff and experience instructors are knowledgeable watermen and women with a talent for teaching. All our instructors maintain the highest safety certifications available: they areย trained and certified in CPR, First Aid, and Water Safety by American Red Crossย and will be beside you at all times. However, you must be older than 5 years old in order to learn to surf. We recommend a private lesson which provides the most flexibility and the best learning environment for you to focus on specific goals, learn proper technique and have fun in the ocean.

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Getting Ready For A Surf Lesson

You need to arrive at the Boardwalk location 10 minutes prior to the start of your surf lesson. We offer parking validation up to 2 hours when you park at Promenade Mall underground garage. We also have a safe storage area for you to keep your belongings in and a shower so that you can rinse off after your surf lesson. Equipment is included in your surf lesson, but you will need to bring a few items as well. If you forget, or canโ€™t purchase them ahead of time, our surf shop will also have them for sale.

  • Bathing suit or board shorts to wear under your wetsuit
  • Towel to dry-off after the surf lesson
  • Sunscreen for sun protection
  • Bottled water to hydrate after the surf lesson

PB Surf Shop | San Diego Surf Lessons

Are you ready to create memorable moments that you will treasure for a lifetime with Surf Lessons at Pacific Beach Surf School?

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