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Series of Lessons – Surf Coaching

The most effective way to advance your surfing is to keep surfing consistently. This is why we offer a series of lessons for surfers of all abilities! Booking a series of lessons isn’t only cost-effective, it’s the best option for those who are looking for a fast track into the world of surfing.

Our extensive curriculum is set up to teach surfers beyond just the on-water physical aspects; every surfer will also be given the opportunity to learn about wave types, swells, currents, local surf spots and much more that will help them catch more waves and have the most fun in the water!


● Expert Instructors available for all surfing abilities
● Best price per lesson value
● Lessons tailored to your skill set
● Learn necessary maneuvers to advance your surfing
● Freedom to book when conditions are optimal
● Feedback after each wave to help reach your goals
● Large selection of foam and fiberglass surfboards to transition to
● Video coaching available for discounted rate (Free session for 9 Series)
● Photographer documents your sessions

Getting Ready For A Surf Lesson

You need to arrive at the Boardwalk location 10 minutes prior to the start of your surf lesson. We offer parking validation up to 2 hours when you park at Promenade Mall underground garage. We also have a safe storage area for you to keep your belongings in and a shower so that you can rinse off after your surf lesson. Equipment is included in your surf lesson, but you will need to bring a few items as well. If you forget, or can’t purchase them ahead of time, our surf shop will also have them for sale.

  • Bathing suit or board shorts to wear under your wetsuit
  • Towel to dry-off after the surf lesson
  • Sunscreen for sun protection
  • Bottled water to hydrate after the surf lesson

PB Surf Shop | San Diego Surf Lessons

Are you ready to create memorable moments that you will treasure for a lifetime with Surf Lessons at Pacific Beach Surf School?

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